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  • Agritourisme en Toscane: la landuccia
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Agriturismo "La Landuccia"

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latitudine 43°16'43.61"N

longitudine 10°47'44.44"E


Tuscany, the land that nature, the climate and the character of her ancient and modern inhabitants have made famous throughout the world for its culture, art and for its rural and urban landscapes. A thousand faces, many of which still hidden, to savour to the very last. The agriturismo "La Landuccia" offers unforgettable holidays in a still undiscovered Tuscany far from vulgar mass tourism in a unique and refined atmosphere.

Descend the road that leads to the large stone farmhouse where swallows, returning annually to their nests, greet you, and the surrounding green countryside relaxes your senses and nature reigns unspoilt. In the warm summer evenings the intermittent glow of the fireflies, the singing crickets and night birds, the water tinkling in the stream and all the stars in the silence of the night make you feel that time has stopped in the days you spend here.

La Landuccia is foremost a paradise for lovers of tranquillity, of the woods, of the country way of life, of the sense of freedom. Roads, tracks and woodland paths lead off in a natural environment, beautiful and wild, capable of regenerating the body and the spirit, drawing man closer to the rhythms of nature. The agriturismo is part of La Pietraia farm which extends for about twenty hectares, bordering with the woods of the Monterufoli nature reserve.

Five apartments are waiting to welcome our guests in perfect harmony with the surrounding countryside, in an atmosphere balanced between bygone days and modernity, between refined rustic Tuscan comfort and the comfort of modernisation in keeping with the surroundings. This is your refuge to which you return after a day trip to one of the nearby historical cities of Volterra, San Gimignano, Florence or Siena all within little more than an hour's drive or after having spent the day at the nearby river Adio or in the evening after a day at the sea on the Etruscan coast.

For lovers of total relaxation there is a spacious garden, the whole of the farm to explore at your leisure transported by holiday enthusiasm.

On arrival you will be welcomed in the customary way of country folk, warm and authentic, a tradition here in the country. As everything in the countryside, knowledge is passed on from generation to generation as in our organic produce and our cooking. What we serve at our guests’ tables is what has always been served at our own table.

While writing these pages I have tried to observe La Pietraia and La Landuccia as an outsider, as if from the top of the mountains that circles them, but of course it's impossible to achieve. My eyes are those of he who sees those stone houses, those fields, the flowing brooks, the olive groves, the grape vines, the stands of reeds and those roads as how they were before his birth.

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